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  • [June 2020]
    The SiLLC assembly shuts down services for QisNU and miQtuQ as Flash is declared obsolete and Barefoot S.A. stopped support for both platforms already in 2018.
  • [May 2020]
    crocon media became a project of the SiLLC assembly.
  • [May 2014]
    WEB3000 and QisNU ownership have been transferred to Barefoot S.A., Barefoot guaranteed to continue these platforms for the next 6 years to provide those services to licensees.
  • [July 2013]
    [Q|cm] The SiLLC Group introduced its new software for enhanced Multimedia and Social Networking experience – Next Generation of Desktop and Web Application enabled Cross Content Media Pooling of Live Radio, Live TV and Video On Demand, MP3 Music, Youtube Videos, Slideshows, Live Chat and Social Networking
    Read more: www.prlog.org/12181890-the-sillc-group-introduces-new-software-for-enhanced-multimedia-and-social-networking-experience.html
  • [June 2013]
    [Q|cm] crocon media migrated WEB3000 into [Q] QisNU. [Q] is The Ultimate MultiMedia Entertainment App, platform-independent, a totally new Multimedia Entertainment Application. It bundles Music/Radio, Video/Television, Chat, Games, Photos and more applications in just one Mainframe. [Q] is not a product off-the-shelf. Each [Q] is compiled individually for each customer.
    [Q|CBTV] camboxTV, an crocon media unit, announced to launch its cult classic movie portfolio soon with an Instant streaming application for internet-connected devices, bringing a host of exciting new features to members. The portfolio includes movies such as ASTRAL FACTOR with Elke Sommer, THE BLOOD SPATTERED BRIDE, BROTHER FROM ANOTHER PLANET, CREATURE with Klaus Kinski, LASER MISSION with Brandon Lee (The Crow), LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS with Jack Nicholson, NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD by George Romero, just to name a few. Arriving first and available at the end of June 2013, the new app will be coming to all [Q] Instant enabled platforms. New features include an improved selection function, making great content more accessible than ever before, and an optimized user interface that enhances the way members browse films and TV shows. Ralph Dawson, CDN Op & Manager at camboxTV, said: “With the new and improved camboxTV Instant app we continue to offer a market-leading viewing experience. The improved user interface and other improvements of [Q] make discovering content easier than ever before.” camboxTV Instant App is available for all [Q] systems on Windows, Linux, MacOS, Web, Android Devices and a growing number of Internet-connected TV sets, giving members immediate access to a huge range of films and TV shows.
  • [April 2013]
    [IT|web] X4Anetworx launched new site aXess4aLL with middleware solutions made by crocon media
  • [February 2013]
    [IT|web] crocon media finished its development of Online Billboard Management Platform AnuBee
  • [January 2013]
    [IT_consulting|ADS|web] crocon media completed the panamanian InterMedios.com project, the website became one of the TOP100 classifieds ads sites in its region. This has been made possible by using crocon media’s eLite Enterprise Servers of its Hosting Division
  • [December 2012]
    [NEWS] crocon media hits a new milestone with more than 65 million installations using WEB3000 core modules world-wide.
  • [November 2012]
    [ADS] crocon media launched camboxTV services inside Virtual Vancouver virtual world
    [CBTV] Ralph Dawson, a professional Hollywood Content Manager joined camboxTV
    [NEWS] crocon media installed more than two-thousand WEB3000 modules and apps inside Virtual Vancouver
  • [November 2011]
    [ADS|APP] crocon media adjusted the WEB3000 product-line for use inside virtual worlds and launched its first Virtual Shop in Virtual Vancouver
  • [July 2010]
    [IT_consulting|web] crocon media completed new online platform for Conservatorio SA
  • [November 2009]
    [IT_consulting|ADS|web] crocon media completed the portal transformation and design refresh for Panasonic Panama www.panasonic.com/pa/
  • [May 2008]
    [IT_consulting|web] crocon media maintained site and design transformation for www.canalhousepanama.com
  • [August 2007]
    [IT_consulting|ADS] crocon media completed a Montero L200 project site for MITSUBISHI EXCEL AUTOMOTRIZ
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