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crocon media became a project of the sillc assembly in 2020 and is currently being transformed into a mixed reality services provider.

crocon media was founded in 2001 by Internet veterans renamed to crocon media in 2006. In June 2006 The SiLLC Group acquired all outstanding stakes of Crocon Media. In May 2014 SiLLC sold all assets of crocon media to Barefoot Consulting S.A.

For more than 15 years crocon media developed on-line applications, that were used as desktop applications and web applications.

crocon media applications were browser independent and used in several internet environments and worked in most browsers. The applications appeared in the same style on user desktops as well as in browsers.

QisNU licensees and its users were not forced to need inconclusively internet servers nor even a website.

The QiSNU platform were also used by enterprises and media companies and had more than 120 million installations. It was one of the most used internal Web Desktop Systems (similar to Web OS systems incl. its own Entertainment Home Center) for the professional Business and Entertainment market.

crocon media now develops core technologies for digital services and mixed reality platforms and distributes news and media of these sectors.

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