2001 Crocon Media was founded by Internet veterans under the name KMG Inc. and in 2006 renamed to Crocon Media. In June 2006 The SiLLC Group acquired all outstanding stakes of Crocon Media. In May 2016 Barefoot Consulting S.A. finished the migration of The SiLLC Group and changed its name into The SiLLC Group.

Since more than 10 years Crocon Media develops on-line applications, that can be used as desktop applications and web applications.

Our applications are browser independent and can be used in current internet environments and work in various browsers, our applications look the same on each user desktops and browsers.

QisNU license customers and their users, do not need inconclusively internet servers or a website.

The platform system of QiSNU was yet used by enterprises and media companies and is with its more than 120 million installations one of the most used internal Web Desktop Systems (similar to Web Operating Systems incl. Entertainment Home Center) in the professional Business and Entertainment market.
(Effective January 2016)

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