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WEB3000 now is QisNU

Click the image to enter the QisNU product homepage

Click the image to enter the QisNU product homepage

WEB3000 is the professional way to publish your content and products online.

So far WEB3000 platform was used yet by enterprises and media companies and is with its more than 65 million installations one of the most used internal Web Desktop systems within the Business and Entertainment Markets.

Using WEB3000 you offer functions and contents to your friends, customers or users, e.g. Pictures & Photos, Chat, Movies & Video-Clips, Music & Radio or even TV-Channels, information, contact form, … and more.

Crocon Media now offers WEB3000 to all users and all markets.

No matter what WEB3000 modules and add-on’s you are going to use, WEB3000 combines all modules within the WEB3000 mainframe, if needed. Easy to control and simpler than usual internet browsers.

Inconclusively you do not need a website or internet-server to offer your products, services or content anymore.

With WEB3000 you have all possibilities, that are usually just available with own website, additional software and with usage of third-party services who are using your content to earn money with e.g. advertising pop-ups and you are not even involved on the generated income. You can change this now !
You are able to provide your own WEB3000 platform with access keywords, besides that your content (music, tv channels, movies, pictures and photos) cannot easily saved on user systems as you know it from usual internet browsers.

WEB3000 is easy to control. You decide if you want to provide your WEB3000 platform as a homepage or as desktop software or both. WEB3000 works on every desktop system and is platform independent.

The WEB3000 Desktop Application does not need any internet browser, looks on every PC system the same and is not able to be hacked like a usual homepage.

WEB3000 does not contain any Spyware, Adware, Trojans or Viruses and is for those also not vulnerable.

Just because everybody is talking about Web 2.0 most do forget, that the development of online applications made a far bigger progress. HTML5 – which is in the long run nothing more than a standardization for Web 2.0+ and its development – is still just a markup language.

Therefore enterprises and media companies field the WEB3000 platform for many years.

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