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The advantages to virtualization are vast, including cost-effectiveness, reduction of capital expenses, elasticity and agility, high-availability, and ease of migration. Not every IT application, however, is a good fit for virtualization. Like toothbrushes and used tires, some things, it turns out, are not meant to be shared.

Dedicated servers from [crocon media] can be part of a managed cloud solution for small enterprises with just a few servers or large-scale businesses like online gaming or digital advertising. These servers are single-tenant within a hosted solution that does not share resources with other servers. A dedicated server could be a viable component of an IT solution for environments that include any of the following attributes:

  • Regulatory compliance of specific applications (PCI, HIPPA)
  • Need for Full Root Access
  • Need for Professional IT Staff
  • High disk I/O
  • High memory or CPU requirements
  • Limited in-house IT infrastructure or resources

Everything we do to power a dedicated server solution, from the layout of our world-class data centers, to the configuration of our network, has been meticulously researched, designed, and tested to exceed even the toughest industry standards. Our managed cloud infrastructure is made for high-performance with trusted names – no commodity hardware. Complete migration services ensure a smooth move. In addition, we offer comprehensive monitoring services, administrative support for services such as patching.

When dedicated servers are not enough, we take your business further with our full suite of cloud hosting solutions. Dedicated servers may play a role in a hybrid managed cloud architecture that is custom fit for your enterprise.

No matter what hosting solution you are looking for, we have it. We build your server platform individually so it 101% fits your needs.

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